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It's cut out cookie dough and poinsettia time! Help out our center by purchasing delicious cut out cookie dough. They come pre-cut, ready to go into the oven! 

Poinsettias are from Schroeder's Flowers and are available for a November delivery or a December delivery. They come in 4.5", 6.5", 7.5", and 8.5" pots. Choose from red, white, pink, marble, or painted!

Download your order forms here!
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Scrip Is here-  Please help in our on-going fundraiser!

Scrip is ordered weekly and paid for on Tuesdays…. Pickup- Friday.

Our center will always have scrip available for parents, grandparents, relatives or even friends

So what is Scrip?

Scrip is just gift cards that you can purchase for every day expenses such as gas, groceries and any other every day expenses.  They can also be used for gifts. You order gift cards which work like cash for the stores you normally shop at. So you order and pay for the gift cards by Tuesdays, Pickup on Fridays and go shopping! 

How GREAT is That! You don’t have to pay any extra, you just shop at the same stores you already do but use the gift cards and helps the center in fundraising.

What an easy way to help your non-profit childcare/4K center with expenses and items needed to improve your child’s daycare center or 4K.

Why not purchase scrip each week to pay for your gas?  Please use scrip and know that you are helping our center each day!

Please click on the order form below fill out and return Tuesdays:


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Thank You for Your Support! 

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